The Story of the OMP ARCACHON Notaries Office


Ms MONGE and Ms PILLOIX each benefitted from the creation
of a notarial office in ARCACHON under the so-called "Macron" Law of 2016.
Therefore we very quickly decided to come together in order to
perform our duties as notaries and to create the OMP Office, Ms
Our partnership aims at a joint venture project, but also
at a combination of specific skills used to serve our
Our mutual goal is to meet the needs of our clients through the legal quality
of our services as well as our expert advice.

Responsiveness and availability are our key words.



Before settling in Arcachon, I worked as a qualified notary for 14 years in Bordeaux. I have acquired necessary experience for the notary profession in this renowned structure, where I was appointed salaried notary responsible for the Family Law department. During this time I specialized in family law.
Now, as an associate notary, I support my clients in the crucial stages of their lives, particularly through my sense of mediation and my listening skills.

+ 33 5 33 09 36 36

Ms Laure MONGE


Holder of the Diploma of Aptitude for Notary Functions (CFPN Bordeaux - internship report on the topic of Dismemberment and Sale in the Future State of Completion), I carried out my journey of initiation within Bordeaux offices, before being appointed notary in November 2018 and joining forces in 2019.
During this period I specialized in construction law, complex property arrangements, and development operations.
I support my clients throughout their project by focusing on their interests first.

Ms Laure MONGE
+ 33 5 33 09 36 36

Our Office

We welcome you in our office in the center of Arcachon
from Monday to Friday from 9am to 19pm.